About PEYD

Who is PEYD?

I’d like to share with you the essence of our company—the core values that define us and resonate through every aspect of our operations. It’s who we are, at our very essence.

At PEYD, we are Genuine. We build real relationships, making you feel comfortable and trusting us wholeheartedly. Transparency and honesty are reflected in every interaction. Whether it’s brokering mileage, advising on corporate cards, or booking travel, our genuine nature shines through. With PEYD, you have a friend you can trust.

Reliability is our bedrock. You can depend on us – always. We stay ahead of industry trends, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information and recommendations. As your partner, we are dedicated to consistent delivery on our promises. Trust us; we’re here for you.

We are Personable, valuing your unique needs. Actively listening and understanding your requests, we forge authentic connections to help you best. This nurtures collaboration and builds lasting relationships.

Our Drive propels us forward. We’re motivated to be industry leaders. We’re driven to provide exceptional value and to exceed expectations. We stay ahead of the curve, ensuring results that never fall short.

Our Commitment is unwavering. We are dedicated to the success of our clients and our company. We invest ourselves fully, going above and beyond to ensure satisfaction and cultivate an enduring partnership with you.

In our early days, a client wanted to sell their points, and we provided an initial quote based on the prevailing rate. However, as the rate increased significantly while the client considered the sale, we faced a decision: Should we honor the initial quote or inform the client of the higher rate? We offered the higher rate despite the financial loss to us.

At PEYD, our Core Values of being Genuine, Reliable, Personable, and Driven prevail over profit. This story showcases our unwavering dedication to building trust and enduring relationships with each client we serve.

Our success transcends profits; it’s the integrity we bring to every interaction. Upholding these values, we foster lasting trust and enduring relationships.

PEYD made optimizing my miles an easy and painless process. PEYD’s employees are knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I would definitely recommend PEYD to all my friends.

I needed to get to LA and had only 20k Delta miles, which wasn’t enough to get a round trip ticket. PEYD Travel took the value of the Delta miles and booked the ticket I needed.

The Company You Know. The Guys You Trust.