Last chance to take advantage of the Amex Business Platinum 35% Points Rebate!

Earlier this month, we shared some information about a special perk the Amex Biz Platinum Card has that makes its Membership Rewards Points more valuable. You can read all about it below.

However, its important to note that the amount you can get back caps out at 1mm and it resets each calendar year, so take advantage of the great perk sooner than later! Email us today and we can help you maximize the rebate for the highest dollar.

Membership Rewards points earned by and with the American Express Business Platinum Card program are in fact more valuable than regular Platinum or Gold Card Membership Rewards Programs. This is due to a unique feature and quality that the Business Platinum Card has that the regular Platinum Card does not.

In the terms and conditions of the Business Platinum Card, its written in the following language.

35% airline bonus

Receive 35% of your points back when you Pay With Points for a flight booking with Amex Travel. The flight must be in first class or business class or any class with your preferred airline (which you must choose in advance). You can receive up to 1 million points back in a calendar year.

Essentially what this valuable perk means in that every time points are used to redeem travel for a business or first class ticket, the account is automatically credited for 35% of the points used for the ticket back into the original account. Which means at the end of the day, less points end up being needed for the same business or first class tickets than what is needed for a ticket booked with Amex Membership Rewards points from a regular Platinum or Gold Card account.

This dynamic ends up making these points more valuable for redemption than points used from consumer gold and platinum cards. For help redeeming your Amex points, simply reach out to us here or email us at