Is it possible to get more points while spending the same amount on your business credit cards? Yes. Yes it is.

Our client Danny, is a hard-working Amazon seller who spends 100k a month on online ads on multiple e-commerce and internet platforms. He was proud that he found a card that offered triple bonus points on his advertising expenses and he was accumulating 400k in points each month. Unfortunately for Danny, he was unaware that … Read more

Which Credit Cards are best for Digital Advertising (think Facebook, Amazon, Google Ads & Instagram).

Its the season for gifting and more than ever, consumers are trading in the retail shopping experience for the one-click purchasing benefits of e-commerce and online shopping. That means business owners with online stores are gearing up for the busiest shopping season of the year. Whether you use Facebook, Amazon, Google, Instagram or any other … Read more

How Real Estate Management Companies can get a Corporate Credit Card, without having to submit NEW ‘financials’!

When a Real Estate client purchases new property or assets, one of their major concerns is how they can obtain new credit cards as the company formed to purchase the assets typically come with with no financials. And Real Estate accounting gets tricky when clients manage multiple facilities and need to track each one separately. … Read more

THE NEW Capital on Tap Business Credit Card!

Our new partner Capital On Tap Business Credit Card, issued by WebBank, is a unique product, specifically designed for small business! The Capital On Tap Card is an ‘entry level’ corporate credit card for for small businesses who aren’t able to qualify for traditional corporate credit cards, but want the benefits corporate cards typically offer. … Read more