Which Credit Cards are best for Digital Advertising (think Facebook, Amazon, Google Ads & Instagram).

Its the season for gifting and more than ever, consumers are trading in the retail shopping experience for the one-click purchasing benefits of e-commerce and online shopping. That means business owners with online stores are gearing up for the busiest shopping season of the year.

Whether you use Facebook, Amazon, Google, Instagram or any other online shopping tool, having the ability to place targeted ads in real-time is the most critical element to a successful season. The question we are often asked is, which is the best credit card to use when placing advertisements. Whether its payment terms, credit, float or rebates the number of options available can often be overwhelming. We are therefore pleased to present to the public a short list of business and corporate credit card options that are most suitable for folks in the e-commerce space.

First Choice: DIVVY

Divvy is a new player in the corporate credit card space, a proud elite Rewards+ & PEYD360 partner and one of our most favorite companies to work with. Think of Divvy as a streamlined AP system that also offers a corporate credit card product with customized cash rebates and credit.

When it comes to e-commerce, Divvy offers 2.25% cash rebate for clients pre-fund their account and 1.75% rebate on clients who use term, with no cap. You can apply for the DIVVY card via PEYD’s special link HERE.

Second Choice: American Express Business Gold Card

The Amex Biz Gold offers up to 4x on advertising spend for the first $150,000 in digital ad spend. Amex earns Membership Rewards points that are transferable to airlines and hotels so its a really great option for digital advertisers but it becomes much less attractive to use after the card hits the bonus threshold.

Third Choice: Chase Ink Business Preferred

The Chase Ink Business Preferred offers up to 3x on the first $150,000 in spend. in many categories including digital advertising. It also comes wit a huge signup bonus of 100,000 Ultimate Rewards points. Ultimate Rewards points are also transferable to airlines and hotels so its a really great option for digital advertisers as well.

In summary, many of the corporate cards offer double and sometimes triple the points on general business categories and digital spend specifically. However these often have caps which can be hard to keep track of and annoying to manage. Our recommendation is to choose the card and product that offers consistent competitive rebates while signing up for the cards that offer one-time bonuses to take advantage of.