Amazon Seller, using multiple cards for digital advertising spend to take advantage of extra rebate earnings, provided a customized rebate and one seamless dashboard.

Business Category


Pain Points

Certain credit cards offer double, triple or even quadruple the points for certain busienss categories. Its often time consuming and unclear which cards earn value for which category and business owners and managers are often too busy running their business to figure out which card is best to help increase their points and cash value.

Additionally, many cards cap their bonuses at certain thresholds making it prohibitive to fully maximize on certain bonus categories.


PEYD was able to successfully identify which card and processes were available and was able to advise the business owner how to properly keep track of his spend categories and whether he was past the bonus threshold. As a result of our tracking and identification, we were able to triple his points resulting in an additional $36,000 in points value over the year.

Our client is an ecommerce seller, that spends 100k/month on Amazon/Google fees was proud of the fact that he was in his mind accumulating 400k in points using a business credit card that offered 3x the points on all advertising expenses. However, he was unaware that his bonus points were being capped at the first 100k in spend. Without any extra work we switched him to a better card program that ending up putting an extra $36,000 in points value into his pocket.

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