Multifamily Residential Management firm with more than Fifty Buildings Provided Card Management Control & Seamless Reporting.

Business Category

Asset management company with multiple residential and commercial properties.

Pain Points

Client required multiple credit cards to maintain business operations. He wanted to manage everything in one place, with one due date, and a single credit limit sufficient to cover business spend across all of his holdings. He also wanted to determine which vendors and expenses could be converted to payment via credit card thereby earning a cash rebate.


We introduced the client to a corporate credit card solution that did not require a personal guarantee to ensure that he and his assets were fully protected. The client was also provided with access to a simple dashboard which allowed him to customize credit limits and provided advanced controls for each card in use. Our vendor analysis identified vendors that could be paid with his corporate card, generating cash rebates and reducing check payments.

Our client is a residential real estate management firm, with more than fifty buildings under management and roughly $500,000 is monthly maintenance expenses. They were previously using a legacy credit card with inflexible reporting and expense management processes making it virtually impossible to both track and reconcile employees expenses and spending.

In their own words, “it was exciting to see all the employee charges upfront and very helpful to be able to determine right away, which employees weren’t properly reconciling and reporting their expenses or if any receipts weren’t uploaded at the time of the charge.” It was also very helpful to be able to track all employees and each building’s expenses from one login/dashboard.”

They also shared how helpful it was to be able to raise the limits of employees cards in real time, freeze the virtual cards when the employee had completed a task and lock the cards, without their prior knowledge. 

In their own words “the Global Rewards product is very efficient, and allows me to have complete control over my employees spending.”

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