How we can stretch your Florida Getaway into the Mexican Vacation of Your Dreams.

People always ask us how they can vacation for more, with less. And they typically follow that question with, ‘what do you do with all the miles and points you redeem from and with your clients?’

While travelling in a post COVID world has become extremely expensive, it doesn’t have to be this way. Using miles and points can turn your dream trip into reality and turn your everyday Florida getaway into the Mexican Vacation of your dreams. How? It’s actually quite simple and we would be happy to explain.

Miles & Points have a basic standard value. Let’s use one cent per point for a starting value. 100 points will be worth $1 so to book a $100 hotel room, you would need 10,000 points. However, you can stretch you points by transferring them into a frequent travel program connected to a specific hotel chain or airline. Since our core services helps many cardholders redeem their miles and points for a value greater than what the credit card companies are willing to pay for them, we literally have tens of millions of miles and points at our disposal at any given time period.

Now, we always tell our clients and friends the best value and usage out of ones miles and points is when they are redeemed for travel perks and redemption. However for those who have no need for travelling, or have earned many miles and points, the ability to redeem them for cash by swapping them with someone who in fact has a big trip planned makes it a perfect match. And that is where PEYD comes in.

Say someone has budgeted $5,000 for their winter break vacation and are thinking they would like to go to Florida for a week, stay in an AirBnb, hit the beach and go to nice restaurants. What if they could swap their Florida vacation by using the $5,000 they had budgeted to stay instead at the Banyan Tree in Mayakova, one of the most stunning hotels in Mexico which retails at almost a $1,000 per night. How would they be able to afford a week at this 5-Star property? The hotel and airline programs value the miles and points for a greater value when they are used to redeem them for flights and hotels. Simply stated, PEYD has access, stock and know-how to be able to book the same hotel room using miles and points, costing the consumers much less than paying for the property for cash outright this enabling them to stretch their vacation into a more exotic experience they would otherwise have been unable to afford.

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