Is it possible to get more points while spending the same amount on your business credit cards? Yes. Yes it is.

Our client Danny, is a hard-working Amazon seller who spends 100k a month on online ads on multiple e-commerce and internet platforms. He was proud that he found a card that offered triple bonus points on his advertising expenses and he was accumulating 400k in points each month.

Unfortunately for Danny, he was unaware that his bonus points on this card were capped after 100k was spent. His amazing deal wasn’t so amazing. Danny was frustrated and reached out to us to help.

It’s very common for certain credit cards to offer 2x, 3x or even 4x points for specific business categories as an incentive.

However, often the terms are written unclearly. To make it more confusing, many cards cap their bonuses at specific thresholds making it difficult to fully maximize on certain bonus categories.

Business owners are busy running their companies. Finding the perfect card that earns the most value for each individual category is an extremely time consuming project. We are here to do the research for you. And we have the knowledge experience, relationships and know-how and most importantly, time to research the best options for our busy clientele.

We sat down with Danny and listened to his pain points and heard his goals. We were able to successfully pinpoint which card and processes were available for his specific business. We advised him how to properly keep track of his spend categories and to know whether he was past the bonus threshold. As a result of this new tracking and identification, we were able to triple his points. 

Then of course we redeemed those points for Cash.

This resulted in Danny earning an additional $36,000 in points value over the year.

Now that’s an amazing deal. How can we help your company?