PEYD 360 Combines Full Service Leisure and Business Travel with Credit Card Rewards Management and the Personal Touch

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In recent years, the world of credit card rewards and loyalty points has become increasingly complex and difficult to navigate, leaving many shaking their heads in frustration, allowing their hard won points to expire because redeeming them was just too difficult.  In fact, 90 percent of the 300 million plus in frequent flyer and rewards points earned each year go unclaimed, often because both private individuals and businesses have no idea how to navigate the often complicated maze of the redemption process.
PEYD, a Long Island based company, was founded almost five years ago by a team of four friends to help customers maximize their credit card rewards and airline miles.  While originally PEYD was primarily involved in redeeming awards as well as buying and selling unused rewards points and miles, over time the group found themselves inundated with travel related requests from both private clients and corporate accounts.  From helping friends book visits to Israel or vacations in Miami, to working with big name Madison Avenue clients that plan frequent trips for employees, PEYD built a reputation for excellence by going all out for each and every customer, big or small.
PEYD evolved from a four man, one room operation in Inwood to a full scale business with additional offices in Brooklyn, Pittsburgh and Jerusalem, serving a clientele that spans the globe.  To date, PEYD has processed almost two billion miles and has expanded its offerings into a new brand that combines full mileage management and extensive travel planning services while still providing every client with warm, personalized service.
Titled PEYD 360, this new arm of the company encompasses the full circle of the travel experience, starting with the ticket purchase and covering every detail of every trip.  Created in response to customer demand, PEYD 360 maximizes miles while minimizing travel costs  and includes a wide array of services including booking flights, hotel accommodations, car rentals and concierge services.
“As our company has grown, we renewed our focus on business travel and rewards management,” said Eli Schreiber, PEYD’s director of marketing.  “We are the only company that offers credit card rewards, airline miles and travel services merged into one cohesive product based on your business type and where you are traveling.”
PEYD’s dedicated and friendly staff has more than 20 years of experience, giving them the ability to  leverage their vast base of contacts, affiliates and knowledge to provide customers with unparalleled service and incredible value.  Because of their extensive familiarity with loyalty points and airline miles, PEYD 360 has the ability to pinpoint  the best itinerary using the fewest possible points and can also locate additional rewards that may be unique to particular destinations, providing customers with even greater benefits.
PEYD 360 can also make sure that clients are using the right cards to earn the rewards that suit them best including premium cards that are not available to the general public and are only offered through specialized business partnerships.  A comprehensive array of services are also available to corporate clients to handle and monitor all aspects of business travel, allowing for maximum savings and productivity.
Meir Shuvalsky, director of mileage travel, uses his extensive knowledge of the intricate mileage network employed by various airlines and alliances to find the best deals for clients.  A coach ticket to China may cost $1,000 or 70,000 miles, while a business class ticket to the same destination can run $7,000 or 200,000 miles. Although mileage tickets can offer significant savings with their substantially smaller price differentials, they can be difficult to acquire.
“A regular person may not know how to navigate the system to take advantage of that mileage ticket, but we can do that, buying discounted business class tickets with miles,” explained Shuvalsky. “We buy the miles and take care of everything.”
Feedback from customers has been extremely enthusiastic, reported Shuvalsky.
“Everyone loves the discounts and they also get personal service,” said Shuvalsky. “There is someone dealing with seat changes, meal requests and any changes.  There is always someone there for you that you can call or email 24/7 if you need anything.”
Most of all, PEYD 360 provides customers with peace of mind, simplifying the world of points and travel by handling the often complex details and presenting customers with the options that best suit their particular needs.
“We take all the stress out of travel,” explained Yaacov Hoffinger, manager of PEYD’s revenue department.  “Usually corporations have someone dedicated to travel or have people running around getting approvals.  We make it a streamlined process, with trained professionals offering personalized services.”
Being able to interface directly with PEYD team members, located in the immediate area is another benefit.
“People don’t want to talk to customer service representatives in India or Asia who don’t know them or understand their needs,” said Hoffinger.  “They want someone they feel they can trust, someone they are comfortable with. They want the comfort of knowing that they have someone they can rely on.”
The personal touch remains an integral part of PEYD’s business model and Partner Pinny Ackerman describes PEYD as a “feet on the ground” company that combines likability with professionalism.
“Our clients appreciate that we having a relationship with them and that we are a bunch of regular guys who have barbeques and play ball after work,” said Ackerman.  “We live and work in our community and we enjoy getting involved locally and giving back to the community.”
To find out more about PEYD visit them online at or call them at 888-404-PEYD.