We match businesses with exclusive credit card programs and software to maximize their rewards.

Custom corporate credit card programs to maximize rebates.

Save countless hours auditing credit card statements.

Empower your business to flourish.

Are you spending 50K or more a month for your business on credit cards?

You might enjoy the points your cards are racking up, but for a business of your size, there are other better options.

Most business and corporate credit cards are outdated. They have stagnated rebates, rigid credit lines and require multiple dashboards to manage all your credit cards. They also require personal liability and a rigorous underwriting process.

Think of Rewards+ like your Corporate Card Broker.

We help find the best corporate credit card and Accounts Payable solution for you, and help guide you towards the best rate and payment cycle for your business.

We have partnered with major/best fintech and industry disruptors and will match your business up with the best provider to fit your unique business needs.

Points/Miles Redeemed
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Rebates Back In Our Clients Pockets
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What's Rewards Plus?

Significant monthly cash rebates tied to spending tiers

Flexible payment

Automate your accounts payable process:

Streamline reporting and reconciliation


Our Process

It's simple to get started

Schedule a Free Consultation

We will speak with you and discuss your current credit cards, expense tracking setup, and business most important needs.

Vendor Analysis

We begin with simple vendor analysis to determine how we can capture your spend.

Customized Card Rewards and Business Software

We match you to the best custom credit card offer and software solution for your business.

PEYD has been in the credit card optimization field for over 10 years. We have earned over 1 Billion points for our clients.

REWARDS+ by PEYD offers businesses a suite of corporate credit and financial products that provide customized payment terms, credit limits and rewarding cash rebates.

Case Studies

Multifamily Residential Management firm with more than Fifty Buildings Provided Card Management Control & Seamless Reporting.

Our client was using personal credit cards to manage each entity, corporation and building under management and that his monthly expenses were covered.

Accessory Distributor involved in buying/selling/arbitraging cell phone gear nets an additional $50,000 in annual cash back.

Our client was using multiple credit cards, business and personal to keep up with the purchasing demands of his business and the points he was earning weren't valuable.

Asset management company with multiple residential and commercial properties and tens of cards in use, issued one corporate card, managed from one dashboard with a customized rebate.

Our client was using personal credit cards to manage each entity, corporation and building under management and that his monthly expenses were covered.

Amazon Seller, using multiple cards for digital advertising spend to take advantage of extra rebate earnings, provided a customized rebate and one seamless dashboard.

Introduced client to a corporate credit card solution that did not require a personal guarantee and a simple dashboard which allowed him to customize credit limits and provided advanced controls for each card in use.

The REWARDS+ Team enabled me to put parameters on spending, see everything from one dashboard and increase my rebate.

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