Which Credit Card is best for You and Your Business?

Are you spending 50K or more a month on your business credit card?

You might enjoy the points your business is racking up, but for a business of your size, there are actually other options that may give you reason to ditch your business credit card and find one that suits your business better. 

So many people don’t know what credit card options are out there, but the right fit can save you hours of work and thousands of dollars a month! 

Here’s a short breakdown of three types of credit cards and how each one is structured for a different goal. 

The banks that offer Personal, Business, and Corporate cards each make money every time their card is swiped – through the interchange. The difference lies in their business model. Personal and Business cards are positioned to make a small profit in a one-size-fits-most fashion. Corporate cards are customizable and offer flexible terms/rebates because they cater to a smaller percentage of clients and they know that for every new card, they generate heavy spend. 

Let’s get the conversation started! What kind of credit card are you currently using for your business and which features do you like most?